[USCan] Waking

For panoramiccc, to make up for sad feels.


The sunlight pouring in from the window danced across the quilt and warmed the two young men who lay curled up beneath it, one awake and one yet sleeping.  Matthew always woke first, more used to an early start to the day than his brother, but that was okay.  Being awake first meant that he got to watch the even rise and fall of Alfred’s chest, to silently laugh at the way his hair stuck out in all directions from sleep, and even hear the little whistling snores he sometimes made.  Sure, the morning breath wasn’t all that hot, and occasionally he got a knee jammed where he really didn’t want a knee to be, but it was all totally worth it.

The skin of Al’s cheek was soft beneath his fingertips as he brushed some of the hair from his face. Soon enough he’d be waking, little more than a zombie until he had his coffee and dug into that invisible wellspring of energy that he always seemed to have tucked somewhere, just in time to distract Matt from any hope of productivity for the day.  ”You are such an ass,” he mumbled with a smile, leaning close to brush his lips against the other’s forehead.  

An ass, yes, but one he wouldn’t trade for the world.

"Mm," came the sleepy reply and a face full of the scent of stale Cheetos as Al yawned, blue eyes cracking open to peer hazily at him.  "Not an ass." 

Did he mention the morning breath?  ”Oh my god, Al.”  Gagging dramatically, Matt flopped backwards and dragged a pillow over his head.  ”Go brush your teeth before you kill somebody.  That’s so gross, man.”

Al’s response was little more than a grumble and a sigh as he threw his arms around the other man, tugging him close.  ”Not yet… five more minutes.”

"Five more minutes," Matt grudgingly replied after a moment had passed, knowing that those five minutes would soon stretch into ten, then twenty… but that meant more time here with him, while he slept.  Rolling his eyes a little, he returned the embrace and buried his face into the golden mess of Alfred’s hair.

Yeah, totally worth it.