[UKCan] Where I Belong

Title: Where I Belong
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: PG
Pairing: UKCan
Word Count: 3135
Summary:  Four snippets of different periods in Arthur and Matthew’s relationship.  It hasn’t always been easy, but in spite of the bumps along the way, eventually even the roughest roads can smooth out.

This one’s a gift for my beloved, Lauren.  Happy anniversary, baby girl. <3



The doorknob was almost out of reach, but a set of tiny, determined fingers stretched and feet arched up onto the very tips of their toes until the small boy could wrap his hands around it and coax the door ajar. The heavy oak creaked open to reveal an abyss which the boy shuffled nervously at the edge of, peering fearfully into the darkness. He wanted to go in, wanted to throw himself up on that big bed, and-

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[UkCan] The Sacrifice

Title: The Sacrifice
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: PG
Pairing: UKCan
Word Count: 2496
Summary:  Snake AU.  For as long as he’s known, Matthew’s village has been both blessed and cursed by a faceless monster that demanded one of their own as an offering.  Each year he prayed that it would not be his sister, but eventually even his prayers are not enough.  First in what will likely become a series.


Every year his people chose a sacrifice.

Every year he held his breath as the decision was made and nearly gasped with relief as his family was passed over.

For every year, a few days after the unfortunate girl had been dragged off to the beast’s lair, her mutilated corpse would be found on the edge of the village for them to mourn over.

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[RusAme] Miscommunication


So there’s this AU idea I have about Russia and America, where Ivan is deaf, and knows sign language. Here’s a summary. If anyone wants to make something with this you can. c:

Deaf since an illness at age 3, Ivan speaks through his hands. He grows tired of people treating him like a hinderance, or something different because he cannot hear. When his sister, his only way of housing leaves for America for a better job and life, Ivan comes along. Guilty for feeling like a burden, Ivan searches for a job, and finds very few opportunities, because of his handicap. Ivan finally finds a job as a mechanic at a car garage, meeting the head mechanic, an energetic young man named Alfred. Lonely and nervous, Ivan wishes to befriend Alfred, but is afraid the American will not look past his disability. Just like everyone else.

Ivan carries a notecard in his pocket wherever he goes to show the people he meets. It reads;

‘Hello my name is Ivan Braginski. I am deaf, meaning I cannot hear, and I cannot speak. Please do not shout. If you speak slowly, facing me, I can read your lips. And if you know sign language, that’s even better!’

I found this prompt while surfing the rusame tags, and it proved to be such an inspiration that I couldn’t help but write for it.  I hope this does your prompt justice!

Title: Miscommunication
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: PG
Pairing: RusAme


The first day at a new job was always the worst.

Ivan had no reason to nervous in regards to his skills, for he’d been taking motors apart and putting them back together again ever since he’d been old enough to weild a wrench.  The work-roughened skin of his large hands seemed permanently darkened from grease and oil, and he had an almost uncanny ability to zero in on problems and soon have even the most finiky engine purring like a kitten beneath his touch.

Well, he assumed that it was kitten-like; Ivan really had no idea, for he’d never heard either.  At least not that he could remember.

Ivan, you see, was profoundly deaf.

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[Multiple] The Otherside Master Post

Just in case you’re curious, here’s a bit of a teaser of some upcoming works of mine.  Both are going to be of an epic length and involve a lot of familiar faces from Hetalia in an AU setting, with other pairings besides the ones listed.  This post will be used to list links to the chapters as I get them posted.


Meet You On The Otherside

There is no such thing as magic, or faerie-tale creatures, or ghosts or any other nasties that go bump in the dark.

At least that’s what Matthew Williams used to believe, back before a freak accident left him irrevocably tied to a mythological beast and started the gears of Fate turning towards new friends, new enemies, a new perspective on what is real and what isn’t, and something that just might change the world.

If he’s lucky, he might even survive to see it.

[Primary pairing:  Ivan/Matthew, slight Alfred/Arthur]


Don’t Leave Me On The Otherside

Left crippled and marked by magic after the events of Meet You On The Otherside, Alfred Jones finds himself on the run with Arthur Kirkland as a mysterious threat does its best to make their lives a living hell. All he wants to do is return to a somewhat normal life, but something has already been set in motion that he’s powerless to stop.

Thrust even deeper into a world he’d always thought to be the stuff of faerie-tales, Alfred discovers that things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better.

[Primary pairing: Alfred/Arthur]

[UKUS] My, How The Tables Have Turned

Title: My, How The Tables Have Turned 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: M (Sex, language)
Pairing: UKUS
Word Count: 1193
Summary: Sex. Alfred figures it couldn’t be too hard to get the unpretentious, almost fragile-looking Brit into his bed. He was right, of course, but not quite in the way he’d been expecting.  

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So guys?

I really, really like writing short stories based on pictures.  If you have a picture you’d like me to write about, please send it my way. I would love the inspiration!

[Russia] Mishka

A/N: This takes place during the Russian Revolution. The title is taken from the old Russian children’s song by the same name, which is what Ivan is singing/humming.

There can be worse things on the battlefield than mechanical instruments of death and the breath-stealing cold.  Pray you don’t encounter them.  Or him.  Cut for gore, death, and general insanity.

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[Original: Going To Fly Again] Point of View

This is a short story from my original universe, written from the following prompt:  Tell a story from the point of view of an object. Try to infuse that object into your work without coming out and saying what that object is.

Who would know Charlie Kirkwood better than someone (or something, in this case) who’d been by his side during his final days?  Who better to remember him than something which never aged?  Warning for character death.

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[Original] Going To Fly Again

This is a bit of an introductory post to an original universe that I’ll be posting here between bits of Hetalia.  I’d come up with the concept and characters several years ago before even becoming aware of my current fandom, and there is no relation to the two whatsoever.

Going To Fly Again is a story of an unlikely friendship between two men thrown together in the most unusual of circumstances, brought together by death and discovering that together they can find the peace they’d never have been able to manage on their own.  It is a story of how healing can be found no matter how devastating the past may be, of history’s sometimes warped sense of humor, and how new love can come from the most unexpected of places.  It’s the story of a man, a ghost, and the promise of the future.

Yeah, you read that right.  A ghost.

Main Characters (for now, can’t go offering too many spoilers can I?):

  • Charles Kirkwood was a young, naive Englishman caught up in the patriotic fervor of World War II when he joined the Royal Air Force, buoyed by lofty dreams and a youthful innocence that was cut all too short by the bullets of a Me 109 during the Battle of Britain.  One can imagine his surprise, then, at fading back into awareness nearly seventy years later to a world he no longer recognized.
  • Alan MacKenzie had once been a rugged university professor with a passion for history and a zest for life almost unmatched, at least until tragedy wrecked his happy life and left him crippled (in more ways than one).  Unable to cope, he declared a sabbatical from his career, stuffed a few things into a knapsack, and transplanted himself to England with the excuse of wanting to do research at a local level for that book on World War II he’d been writing.  It wasn’t as if he was running away from anything, the least of which was an odd ‘gift’ he had acquired after the accident: the ability to see the dead that still walked among us.

I’ll start off slow by posting short snippets from this universe before I finally settle in to write the actual story, but this way you get chance to meet the characters and get a feel for things.  So you’ll see those in the coming weeks.

But don’t worry.  There will be more Hetalia fanfic coming your way, too!

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