[Hetalia] Prompt: Stars

Characters:  Canada and America


It was a bit of an understatement to say that Alfred had an obsession with stars.

There were stars on his flag, on his boxers, on his curtains and on his bedspread. He’d had a space program for years in spite of it being a massive drain on resources for the sole purpose of reaching the stars, and when that failed, he obsessed over shows like Star Trek and Star Wars instead. Anyone who knew him would easily admit to his mind being stuck somewhere up at that level instead of down on earth where it belonged. He doodled stars over his notes at meetings, painted them on his ceilings in glow-in-the-dark paint, and generally could be found with at least one on his person at any given time.

It could be a bit annoying at times, though mostly it was more on the endearing side.


As Matthew watched his brother inhale his third bowl of Lucky Charms that morning, he couldn’t help but notice an odd pattern about the way he’d eat them: first went all of the marshmallows except for one particular shape, then the actual cereal, and then he sucked down the milk and eventually scooped out the remaining marshmallows piece by piece like a child.

Which ones survived until the end? The stars, of course.

"What are you doing," Matt asked, gesturing towards Alfred’s bowl with his own spoon. "Don’t you like those?"

"Of course I do! I’m savin’ the best for last!"

"…You’re an idiot," he muttered, grabbing a Cheerio from his own bowl to toss at his brother. "They’re just marshmallows.”

He ended up with a soggy star winged at his face for his trouble.  

[AmeCan] Prompt: Boxers

Pairing:  America/Canada




"…..What are you wearing?"

Alfred looked down at himself. Well, not a whole lot, actually, just a pair of boxers and a whole lot of good ol’ American Freedom. “Boxers, duh. Do you need a stronger prescription on your glasses again?”

His brother paused in brushing his teeth just long enough to give him a dirty look. Too bad it went right over his head. “Alfred. Those are my boxers. What the hell, man?”

Were they really? He’d just sort of grabbed them from the side of the bed when he’d woken up this morning, not really thinking about who they belonged to. A closer look revealed that no, they certainly were not the heroic Batman boxers he’d stripped off before hopping into bed, which meant… Heh. Whoops. “Maybe if you weren’t so intent on gettin’ your hands on my ass last night, I’d have been able to find mine when I woke up.” He snickered and struck a pose. “I’m just too sexy for my own good, I know.”

The normally pristine mirror above Matthew’s sink was suddenly splattered with a spray of toothpaste and saliva as its owner sputtered, just before turning to chuck his toothbrush after his brother’s retreating form. “Oh my God, get out of here!”

"Don’t worry, I’m gettin’ ‘em off for you right now!"


[UKCan] Prompt: Embroidery

Pairing:  England/Canada


Next to Arthur’s favourite armchair lay a folding wooden box, one that opened to reveal a virtual rainbow of cotton, silk, and rayon, their bundles tucked neatly side-by-side according to colour. Some of the labels were easily decades old, but others still bore their crisply-printed wrappings as if just purchased for their owner (which was more than likely the case). Embroidery had long since become a relaxing past-time for Arthur, ever since the war and his injuries had made most activities too stressful to his broken body, and on those nights when he found himself in need of a distraction from the nonsense of the work and the life of a nation, out came a few bundles of that bright thread to lay close at hand on the arm of the chair as Arthur worked.

Tonight, however, he’d propped himself on the sofa with a familiar blond-haired young man pillowed upon his lap as he sewed; light from the television flashed across his glasses though the eyes behind them were mostly closed as their owner dozed. Mindful of his sleeping lover, Arthur kept the embroidery hoop held up far enough so that the trailing linen wouldn’t brush against his head and wake him while the needle slipped in and out of the fabric, pulling a strand of brilliant thread in its wake.

Eventually, though, Matthew stirred and shifted to press his cheek against the older man’s thigh with a sleepy groan, one that left Arthur smiling. “Up now, are we?”

"Mhm," was Matt’s coherent reply, though after a yawn and a little more wriggling he’d seemed to come more fully awake. He could only see the embroidery hoop from below, which meant that what he saw was little more than a mass of knotted threads and seemingly mindless stitches, but his questioning gaze soon inspired the Brit to turn his work over for the other’s perusal. "Is that…?"

"Your coat of arms? Of course it is," he murmured, indicating the lion and mostly-finished unicorn opposite. "Do you like it?"

The younger nation nodded and heaved himself just high enough for a sleepy kiss and a smile, mindful of Arthur’s work. “It’s really nice. I’m still amazed at the detail you can get with something like that. You’re really good.”

The only response Arthur could make to that was an odd sort of disbelieving sound and a slight nod, but there was a joy in his eyes at Matthew’s words that belied his pleasure at the praise. And after the lad had laid down again and drifted off to sleep, one hand came down to card through his hair in a silent thanks.

[Hetalia] Prompt: Cake

Characters:  Arthur, Matthew, and Alfred.


There was just something about little boys and cake that seemed like the perfect pair- no matter how much they might have already eaten or what time of day it happened to be, it would take a miracle for them to turn down such a tasty treat.

Well, when it came to normal cakes, at least. But Arthur’s cakes weren’t exactly… normal.

Two little boys peeked over the top of a rough-hewn oak table as their guardian bustled around the kitchen to finish up preparations for dinner, his latest culinary ‘masterpiece’ seated squarly in the middle just out of reach of tiny fingers. They’d been told that it was a cake, and it certainly had a cake-like shape to it, but Matthew wasn’t sure that it should really be that grey sort of colour and Alfred couldn’t figure out if the stuff on top was icing or monster boogers.

It was really quite confusing, actually.

"Are you gonna eat that?" Matt whispered to his brother, lavendar eyes wide.

Alfred nodded vigorously, stealing a glance over at Arthur before shooting a gap-toothed grin at his brother. “It’s cake! It’s gotta be good!”

The top layer of the ‘cake’ began to slowly list to the side, making Matthew duck back in alarm, but his brother didn’t even seem to notice. Neither did Arthur, either, when he noticed what they’d been staring at and shooed them away from the table. “Wait until after dinner, lads,” he gently scolded. “You don’t want to spoil your meal.”

In spite of Alfred’s protests that he’d never do such a terrible, terrible thing and forgo any chance at cake, Matthew couldn’t help but wonder if it might be better to beg off of dessert. Just this once.

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[UKCan] Mesmerized By You

Title: Mesmerized By You
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: R (dub-con/non-violent non-con sex)
Pairing: UKCan
Word Count: 2416
Summary:  Snake AU.  When Arthur dubbed him his ‘consort’, Matthew had assumed it to be nothing more than a title.  Never in his wildest dreams had he expected the monster to take advantage of that role, not like this.


And so it was that Matthew found his life irreparably turned upside down.

Instead of the death he’d been fearing, he’d found himself the unwilling consort of a… well, a monster.  How else could he describe this one who called himself Arthur, made of both man and snake?  He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t scared to death of the creature’s steely coils or of those wicked fangs.

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UK - Snakethur
Really quick sketch of Snakethur before bed!  Thanks to SanguineHero and Randi for suddenly giving me the urge to draw him. XD

Just in case you were wondering at the look of Arthur in my AU… this would probably be the closest I’ve seen to the character in my mind’s eye.  ouo

[UKCan] Soothing The Beast

Title: Soothing The Beast
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: G
Pairing: UKCan
Word Count: 727
Summary:  Snake AU.  Living in constant fear for your life isn’t easy for anyone, but thankfully Matthew has found something that seems to calm Arthur and make things a bit more bearable.  


Every day that Matthew awoke had become both a blessing and a curse.

He considered it a miracle that he still lived, yet knowing that just outside the cave that had become his new home lay a terrifying monster left him dreading each morning.  Who knew when the beast who claimed the name of Arthur might tire of him and slay him like all of the others before, leaving his broken body for the villagers to find?

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