[UKCan] Wake Up, My Darling

Title:  Wake Up, My Darling
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: M (sex)
Pairing: UKCan
Word Count: 1083


When Arthur awoke, it was to the warmth of sunlight at his back and the heat of another body pressed snugly against his chest. 

He did not stir at first, content to allow himself to lazily ease back into consciousness. It wasn’t often that he slept well- usually he barely slept at all -and to wake up after the sun was a rare blessing. Instead he focused on the steady sound of his partner’s breathing, the delightful combination of citrus shampoo and sweat and the musk of sex clinging to his skin that coaxed Arthur into nuzzling closer. Moments like this were nearly as uncommon as Arthur’s sleep, when they found time to be together and could waste away the morning in bed. Blond hair ticked at his nose, a honey-touched gold that bore just the slightest hint of wave no matter what the boy did to it.


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[Onesided UKUS] Unnoticed

Title:  Unnoticed 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: PG
Pairing: Onesided UKUS
Word Count: 491
Summary:  AU.


It’s Friday night, and I find myself in your place again.

I don’t recall how I found the bar in the first place. It’s small, loud, and filled with the young sort of crowd who’s more interested in drinks with pornographic names than a solid pint of beer, and for a man just edging past thirty who only wants to sit and nurse his drink with little more than the company of his own thoughts, it’s a bloody terrible fit. I do remember stepping through the door, taking one slow look around the place, and then nearly turning on my heel then and there.

But that’s before I saw you.

You, right there on the end of the bar, your tie and waistcoat giving the bar a hint of the class that it so desperately needed. I would have dismissed you as just another patron if it wasn’t for the half apron tied neatly around your waist, and as I watched you longer, you began to wipe down the bar as if you’d done it a million times before. Oh, you were a lovely thing, with blond hair like burnished gold shining beneath the dim overhead light and a smile that made a man feel welcome. So what if your glasses sat a little crooked on your face, or if you had a few tufts of hair that seemed completely untameable? If anything it added to your charm.

That’s when I pulled out a bar stool and ordered my first drink, content for then to watch you.

I’ve been in Chicago for four months now, and while the rest of the week I yearn for my native England, on Fridays I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here. I don’t think you’ve noticed me, have you? I’m not sure if you would even if you weren’t constantly wrapped up in the care of the bar, polishing and scrubbing and keeping the place as neat as a pin. I know I’m not much to look at, and I’m probably ten years your senior.

Have our eyes even met?

I wish I at least knew your name.

It’s nearly midnight when I catch your gaze flicker towards the door and I know that it’s time for me to leave. I sigh, toss a couple of bills on the bar, and heave myself off of the stool so that I can slip away from the crowd and out of the door before your beautiful face twists in fear. Before you stumble back away from the door with your hands outstretched in a silent plea for mercy, just before the front of your waistcoat is shredded by invisible bullets and what remains of your apparition fades like mist on the wind. Just like every other Friday night. And I’m the only one who ever seems to notice.

How long have you been reliving that night, lad? What happened to you?

I only wish I knew.

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[UKCan] Wait For Me, My Love

Title:  Wait For Me, My Love
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: G
Pairing: UKCan
Word Count: 1324
Summary: AU.  Arthur was ready to take he and Matthew’s relationship to the next level when tragedy strikes. When dreams and reality begin to blur, it takes a subtle reminder of what he’d left behind to bring him back.


Tonight was the night.

Nearly a year ago he’d finally worked up the courage to ask out the nice young man who worked in the bakery downstairs from his office, after too many shy, stolen glances and plenty of ribbing from the shop’s owner, whose knowing looks and French accent seemed to mock him at every turn. He’d blurted it out one day over a cooling cup of tea and a half-eaten éclair, half-expecting to be shot down in an instant, but to his surprise and utter joy the sweet blond (Matthew, his name was Matthew) had said yes, just like that. Yes after months and months of listening to Arthur’s woes about his job, his dry love life, the boisterous upstairs neighbour that he wanted to shoot and the brothers who took great joy in making his life a living hell. If that didn’t scare him off, then there just had to be something special there, right?

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Since I got the permision from Mistressandcoffee.XD
Here the little Chibi snake!EngCan I sent her as a gift.:)
(The original pic is a B/W copic marker illustration, I just add a light color filter here.:))
Hope you like it.^^


(Here’s a little something to hold you over as I try to sort out my life and get back to writing as soon as I can. c: Not mine, but it reminds me of my snake!au so much.)

[UKCan] The Healing Begins

Title:  The Healing Begins  
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: PG 13 (language)
Pairing: UKCan
Word Count: 3794
Summary:  Snake AU.  His captor is dying and Matthew is trapped in the garden with no means of escape.  An unexpected guest reveals that there’s much more to Arthur’s story than he could ever have expected, and maybe, just maybe, things aren’t always what they seem.


This is bad.

Matthew was a shepherd by trade, not a healer, but even he could tell that the situation he’d been thrown into had become very grave, very fast. Almost as soon as they’d re-entered the garden Arthur had pushed him away again, slowly dragging himself across the grass to the safety of his lair and coiling up inside. He refused to look at Matthew, refused even to speak, but as time wore on he wasn’t even sure if the snake-man still retained such a skill. For the longest time he just lay there, listlessly panting and staring at the back wall of the cave.

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[UKCan] The Sacrifice Snake AU Master Post

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing: UKCan
Summary:  Snake AU.  For as long as he’s known, Matthew’s village has been both blessed and cursed by a faceless monster that demanded one of their own as an offering.  A sacrifice to save his sister ends up tossing him blindly into a world of magic and monsters where he’ll come to learn just how little he knows of life, love, and what it means to be human.

Arranged in chronological order unless otherwise specified.


1.  The Sacrifice
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2496
Summary:  For as long as he’s known, Matthew’s village has been both blessed and cursed by a faceless monster that demanded one of their own as an offering.  Each year he prayed that it would not be his sister, but eventually even his prayers are not enough. 

2.  Soothing The Beast
Rating: G
Word Count: 727
Summary:  Living in constant fear for your life isn’t easy for anyone, but thankfully Matthew has found something that seems to calm Arthur and make things a bit more bearable.  

3.  Mesmerized By You
Rating: R (dub-con/non-violent non-con sex)
Word Count: 2416
Summary:  When Arthur dubbed him his ‘consort’, Matthew had assumed it to be nothing more than a title.  Never in his wildest dreams had he expected the monster to take advantage of that role, not like this.

4.  There Are Always Consequences
Rating: PG 13 (violence)
Word Count: 3407
Summary:  The day after the reality of his situation comes crashing down on Matthew, angry words are shared and he finds himself chased out of Arthur’s garden. But is he jumping ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’?  There’s a vicious murderer in this odd garden of Eden, and it just might not be Arthur.

5.  The Healing Begins
Rating: PG 13 (language)
Word Count: 3794
Summary:  His captor is dying and Matthew is trapped in the garden with no means of escape.  An unexpected guest reveals that there’s much more to Arthur’s story than he could ever have expected, and maybe, just maybe, things aren’t always what they seem.

6.  ?

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[2PUSCan] My Loss

Title: My Loss
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: PG 13 (language)
Pairing: Future 2P!US/Can
Word Count:  1463
Summary:   The College Skater Punk AU.  Sometimes they won’t let up and you’ve got to let ‘em down hard.  Matt reaches the end of his patience and lays it out out plain and simple for the skater: you’re just not my type.


Al Jones was an asshole.

Not only did he yell at Matt across the college campus like a cheap hooker during their first meeting and end up with one angry Canadian fist to the face, but somewhere in his deranged mind he seemed to think that Matt was simply playing hard to get. Maybe Matt had scrambled his brains, maybe he was just too damn stubborn to give up, but for whatever reason he’d caught the blond’s scent and would not back off.

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