Fanfiction Masterlist

Fandom:  Axis Powers Hetalia

Ongoing series:

1.  [UKCan] The Sacrifice Snake AU (Masterlist)

2.  [2P!USCan]  The College Skater Punk AU

Completed series:

1.  [Russia/France]Love, Lies, and Faerie Geis

An offhand comment by England to his on-again-off-again lover after a night of drunken revelry results in a (mostly) harmless faerie curse. The problem? The curse leaves France completely unable to lie about anything. What’s a Frenchman to do once his colleagues discover his little problem and begin to take advantage of it? And how can he break the curse?

Random one-shots by pairing:

(Multi) The Hetalia 100-Theme Challenge


  1. Coming Home  Rating:  PG
  2. Damn England, You Sexy  Rating:  PG
  3. Take a Picture  Rating:  PG
  4. In Which England Gets An Education And Everyone But America Is Traumatized Fem!America/England, Rating:  PG
  5. Sleepy Mornings  Rating:  PG
  6. Ready And Willing  Rating: M (sex, language)
  7. My, How The Tables Have Turned  UKUS,  Rating:  M (sex, language)
  8. Unnoticed  Rating: PG


  1. Where I Belong  Rating:  PG
  2. Prompt: Embroidery  Rating:  G
  3. Prompt: Cat  Rating:  PG
  4. Wait For Me, My Love  Rating: G
  5. Wake Up, My Darling  Rating: M (sex)


  1. Prompt: Boxers  Rating:  PG-13
  2. Waking  Rating:  PG


  1. Miscommunication  Deaf AU,  Rating: PG


  1. You Hold My Heart In Your Hands  Rating: PG-13

Random one-shots with no pairings:

  1. [Slice of Life] England, Shaving  Rating: G
  2. Prompt: Stars  Alfred and Matthew,  Rating:  G
  3. Prompt: Cake  Arthur and the young twins,  Rating: G
  4. Prompt: Baby  Arthur and Matthew,  Rating:  G
  5. [Russia] Mishka  Rating:  M (gore, insanity, death)

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